Monday, November 10, 2008

What does Christianity, 911 and The Federal Reserve all have in common?

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What does Hores (Egypt, 3000 years B.C.) , Attis (Greece , 1200 B.C.) , Krishna (India , 900 B.C.) , Dyonisus (Greece , 500 B.C.) , Mithra (Persia , 1200 B.C.) all have in common?
They were crucified , dead for 3 days and resurrected!

Why 25th December is so important ? All those gods were born on 25th of December
I suggest to take a seat , prepare some beers and sandwiches – it last more than 2 hours!

Why Wars ? Are Wars produced ?

About religions, Christ ... zodiac, 12 signs ....
Controlling the whole damn world .....

God loves you and he needs money!
What is happening every 2150 years ('age')
About 11th September – The 911 truth
What told Jordan Maxwell !!!

Power of propaganda .....

USA wars, crises , banks and American business
About Federal Reserve Bank (USA) , what Woodrow Wilson, Charles Lindberg said about crises and panics in years 192x?
Compare Bush with Hitler ?
Television is NOT the truth!!!!

Did you know about North America Union (Canada, USA and Mexico)?
Shall we have One World Government in our near Future?

1 Bank
1 Government
1 Army

Is Rockefeller »Prime Minister of this new World government« ??
Electronic passport – to be tracked - to BE CONTROLLED as SLAVES
The choice between fear and love ...

NOTE : First 3 minutes there is no picture, just black screen , and a man telling us ...

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