Monday, October 27, 2008

The Drinkers & Slovenia, Brasil , Serbia & Slovenia

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Hi there

I am going to celebrate my birthday and I chossed some music videos. Today there is no my photos.

First about SloveniaSlovenia on CNN

I feel Slovenia

Now see some other great music (not only Slovenia)

Ko to tamo pjeva (Who is singinging there) - original Ciganos from Serbia

One of the best movie I’ve seen in my life

The Drinkers –one of the most crasy rockers from Slovenia - Ko to tamo pjeva - Pijemo ga radi (We like to drink) - En majhen jager - Jingle Bells

Adi Smolar Jaz sem nor (I am crazy) Zlo počas (very slow)

Six Breathtaking Brazilian Chorus Girls - Carnaval Brasil Baila baila comigo – Dance with me - Brasilian samba and buble butt samba dancer

Bijelo Dugme (Sarajevo, Bosnia) - Lipe cvatu

Katice Gizdava

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