Monday, October 13, 2008

Sometimes I am hungry – LOL!

Photograph of a Coney Island hot dog.Image via WikipediaI am seek and tired of eating food from canes (like beans or beans with sosage or beans with who knows what) so I had to began to cook. Till now I was cooking only occasionally , few times per year : sosage , eggs , chicken , eggs , hople pople , eggs , hot dog , eggs – lol. Oh, yes, I forgot : I could make some children's food (milk and different kinds of something like »powder« ).

So, I decide to make me stake , rise , potato , macaroni. I like Uncle Ben rise as it is packed in small sacs so I can not fail how much rise to cook for me. First and second and third month I liked my kitchen art. Friend Aljonka and her son Rok said that I cook good even I never put enough water with rise or macaroni (ha ha). Well, even good, I am already seek of this 'good' food as always has the same taste. Maybe I should have to change some spices as I am using always the same!?

I think I will begin to make hople pople as my Sunday lunch. Everybody said that it is good. The only problem is that it is never the same so I never know, what taste will be my next hople pople.

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